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December 20, 2014

"Stonybrook Boutiques" approved for Main Road

Stonybrook renderingMontville's Board of Adjustment has approved "Stonybrook Boutiques", a new retail and residential mixed use project on Main Road, next to the Montville Veterinary Group. 

According to the planner's report "The applicant proposes to demolish the existing nonconforming single-family dwelling and associated accessory structures. In its place, the applicant seeks to construct a two-story mixed-use development containing 3,024 square feet of ground floor commercial space and two two-bedroom apartments on the upper level...apartments are conditionally permitted in the B-1 Zone pursuant to §230-170. This provision was adopted in 2011 based on recommendations in the 2010 Land Use Plan; previously, residential uses were not permitted in the zone."

Download Stonybrook Boutique        Download Stoneybrook site plan          Download Stoneybrook Boutiques resolution

September 14, 2012

Montville Real Estate Transfers

138 Changebridge Rd # B3. . . $195,000 (Closing date 2/28/2013

2 Longview Drive. . . $530,000 (Closing date 2/21/2013)

21 Sylvan Drive. . . $535,000 (Closing date 2/28/2013)

66 Douglas Drive. . . $675,000 (Closing date 2/22/2013)

4 Timber Drive. . . $797,000 (Closing date 3/1/2013)

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15 Davenport Road. . . $372,000 (Closing date 1/18/2013)

6 Masar Road. . . $1,350,000 (Closing date 1/18/2013)

1 Briarcliff Road. . . $1,610,000 (Closing date 1/25/2013)

7 Hancock Court. . . $439,500 (Closing date 1/14/2013)

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3 Cloud Drive. . . $800,000 (Closing date 1/18/2013)

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19 Linda Court, Deborah Lane, $714,200 (Holiday Montville LLC)

3 Glen View Road, Andrew Dudzic, Anna Dudzic, $347,500 (Robert Kretschmar)

35 Stonybrook Road, Lrajan Vaz, $962,000 (Joanne Brown)

44 Louis Drive, Qing Zhang, Youg Chen, $629,000 (David Suskauer)

8 Virginia Road, Jean Wood, $325,000 (Harriet Kupka)

15 Marts Lane, Alexander Royzen, Marina Orman, $499,000 (Matek Kragiel)

91 Stony Brook Road, Richard Crisbacher, $180,000 (Roberta Crisbacher)

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19 Gabriel Drive, Krishaveni Rangaswamy, $397,500 (Charles Baron)

22 Jesse Court, No. D, Michael An, Mi Ha, $370,000 (Barbara Mann)

35 Lakeview Terrace, No. 219, Stephanie Laurenzi, $555,000 (Walter Gramm)

4 Nippon Court, Rahul Ramchandani, Smitha Ramchandani, $629,000 (Morton Levine)

8 Cain Court, No. 84, Sarah Knowles, $420,000 (Joseph Kelly)

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22 Linda Ct to Laurence Kettner and Janet Kettner from Holiday. $597,000.

6 Earl Ct to Larry Davila and Dina Davila from Kusum Mehta. $765,000.

69 Gathering Rd to Daryl Krivanec and Susan Krivanec from Ronald Bornstein. $670,000.

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15 Louis Drive, No. 22B, Bruce Irushalmi, Roberta Irushalmi, $553,000 (Robert Gagauf)

16 Linda Court, Genevieve Betzler, $601,500 (Holiday Montville LLC)

17 Asa St., Francis Gomes, Cecilia Gomes, $690,000 (Helen Scelba)

2 Cheyenne Drive, Vincent Wolleon, Lisa Wolleon, $590,000 (Catherine Rivera)

23 Wedgewood Drive, Linda Riccio, $615,000 (Ira Wechter)

36 Kenouse Lane, Syed Raza, Amber Mohsin, $1,189,000 (Gerd Naumann)

37 Village Drive, Heather Probst, $537,950 (Steven Lupo)

66 Jesse Court, Nancy Berkson, $532,000 (Robert Hodgin)

7 Tomalyn Hill Road, Kenneth O’Brien, Megan O’Brien, $890,000 (Michael Schaffer)

10 Brittany Road, Stephan Murawski, Norma Calabrese, $451,000 (Warren Nadler)

60A Windsor Ave., Monte Haber, Alissa Haber, $719,000 (Robert Fried)

9 John St., Justin Brian, Allssa Rye, $350,000 (Victor Jusino)

5 Dorsey Court, Marjan Risteski, Suze Risteski, $430,000 (Robert Heim

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30 Helton Ter, Adriana Festa, $332,000 (Pasqua Festa)

35 Valhalla Road, Melissa Mattiace, $585,000 (Dey Tino)

42 Ridge Drive, Jason Bickoff, Jessica Bickoff, $760,000 (Alice Yeh)

52 Bark Mill Terrace No. 86, Merryl Riley, $440,000 (Jack Shaffer)

67 Springbrook Road East, David Nunziato, Kimberly Cervone, $260,000 (Thomas Tregoning)

79 Wedgewood Drive, Meili Sun, $540,000 (Philip Steele)

20 Bonnieview Lane, Pappaparvathi Patham, Kunjithapatham Muthuvelayutam, $770,000 (Jocelyne Oliwa)

Deeds_and_keysSee Daily Record.

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May 24, 2011

Natalie Wallach - "A Bronx Tale"

A resident of Montville Township for 41 years, Bronx native Natalie Wallach parlayed her educationNatalie Wallach image  at the Bernard Baruch School of Business of the City University of New York into a successful real estate career. For much of the past 22 years, she has been the #1 Top Sales Associate at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.

Natalie says of real estate, " It has given me the opportunity to meet a diverse and wonderful group of people.  Many of my clients have now become my personal friends.  It has also given me the opportunity to help clients with one of the most emotional and one of the largest financial decisions in their lives-the purchase of a home."  Continue reading Natalie Wallach.

July 17, 2007

A truly exceptional town...

Estates_at_valhalla_3...has truly exceptional homes.

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