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February 04, 2015

Montville has no plans to ban sledding!

There’s a report out that the town of Montville is considering a full ban of sledding, including an Sleddingordinance for it and fines for anyone caught doing it. 

But, according to Township officials, "there are no plans to discuss and/or adopt an ordinance banning sleigh riding on any other (besides Camp Dawson) Township-owned property." 

See Press Release: Download Press Release for Ban on Sledding

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April 03, 2014

Longview Lockdown Ends Quietly

LongviewResidents of the Longview townhouses on Vreeland Avenue experienced a mass of police activity on Wednesday evening with SWAT teams and armored vehicles deployed in their normally quiet community.

The evening's unexpected activity began at around 6:30 pm, according to a longtime Eugene Drive resident, when neighbors on the block were advised by police to remain in their homes.  As the evening progressed, residents arriving into the complex were told that they couldn't go to their homes on Eugene Drive, and were asked to wait in the clubhouse.

Little information was available from the condominium association, but neighbors reported that someone who had recently inherited a home on Eugene Drive from a deceased parent had been living at the unit and had apparently had some mental health issues.  What triggered the police response is unknown at this time, however apparently police had been called to the home several times recently.

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February 07, 2012

Montville PD Sending Alerts Via Email & Text

Montville police departmentThe Montville Township Police Department is once again using a service to broadcast alerts to interested residents via text message and email, Chief Richard Cook announced.

For the past month, Montville police have used the service, Nixle, to broadcast information about a rash of home break-ins  in town. Nixle allows public safety agencies to send warnings, alerts and informational messages via text message, email, mobile app or Web browser for free.  Continue reading Patch.

February 01, 2012

New Fire Chief at the Wheel in Towaco; Elections Coming

Kenneth Breeman, former president of the Towaco Board of Fire Commissioners, was elected fireTowaco fire dept. chief by the Towaco Fire Department. Breeman began his term on January 1st.

At the regular Towaco Fire District meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 18, Breeman asked the commissioners to approve a white water rescue training program for eight members of the Fire Department. Because Montville Township was hit by a flood last summer, Breeman said that this awareness program would be helpful.  Continue reading NorthJersey.com.

January 20, 2012

Consultant Coming for Police Review

A Palo Alto, Calif.-based consulting company is scheduled to visit the Montville Township PoliceMontville police department Department starting next week to look for "opportunities to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency" of the department, officials said.

Matrix Consulting Group was awarded a $35,000 contract to perform the study, which includes extensive interviews of township and police management and staff, and an analysis of the department's budget, policies, calls and workload.  Continue reading Patch.

October 06, 2011

Obama Pushes For High-Voltage Line To Be Built

High tension wires The Obama administration announced Wednesday its support for fast-tracking the Susquehanna-Roseland project—a plan to build high-voltage power lines on towers running from Warren County through Sussex and Morris Counties.

The proposal—which has drawn criticism from environmental groups as well as several of the affected towns—would include a 145-mile long 500 kV transmission line from the Susquehanna Substation in Pennsylvania to the Roseland Substation in New Jersey, and several 500-230 kV substations in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Continue reading Patch.

August 31, 2011

Kiwanis Food Pantry is Serving a Need

In the 15 months since the Kiwanis Club started a food pantry, it has grown in every wayKiwanis Club  imaginable: the need, the donations, and the locations. At the Food Pantry, volunteers Deane Driscoll, Janie Hines and Nancy Flanagan have room for more items on the shelves.

The pantry is the brainchild of Joe O’Dowd, its unofficial chairman, who suggested it after what he describes as the "perfect storm" of events.

Long before the food pantry, located at the United Methodist Church in Towaco, was ever an idea, the Montville Township Kiwanis Club was distributing food to needy families – in baskets for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The members received help from the teens in the Key Club at Montville Township High School who conducted a food drive at the school.  Continue reading NorthJersey.com.

August 16, 2011

OurMontville.com wants your "Report Card" on Montville

So now that Montville has been ranked 17th in the nation as one of the best places to live, and isMontville township logo  also part of Morris County’s happiest residents in the state……where do you think we actually fit in?

Considering that so many residents seem to engage in heated debates about anything from putting turf on the high school fields to the intense political battles that ensued this year, one cannot help but wonder how our residents really feel about this highly rated and happy town!

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May 10, 2011

Township roots for trees

Montville Township celebrated its seventh annual Arbor Day on Friday, April 29, at the MunicipalTownship Roots for Trees  Building. Committee Member Deb Nielson was honored for her environmental contributions to Montville through her formation of the Montville Sustainability Committee and her work with the Montville Township Environmental Commission. The Sustainability Committee fosters the development of policies that integrate environmental, economic, and social values in decision making.

Emily DeFazio, a third grader from Valley View Elementary School, was the winner of the Arbor Day poster contest. Third graders Lillian Wu and Nina Chirico from Hillside Elementary School tied for second runner-up honors. The theme for the posters was "Trees in Montville are Beautiful."  Continue reading NorthJersey.com.

April 11, 2011

Montville and Insurer to pay $700,000 legal settlement

Lawsuit settlement A seven-year legal battle drew to a close yesterday when the insurer for Montville Township agreed to terms of a settlement with a local developer who filed a lawsuit charging civil rights violations and breach of contract.

Ronald Soussa will receive a total of $700,000, with $600,000 coming from the insurer and $100,000 directly from the township. A tentative settlement, which awaited the insurer’s acceptance, was announced in Superior Court in Morristown two weeks ago.  See Star Ledger and Judge Davenport Charged With Ethics Violations.