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5 posts from September 2011

September 26, 2011

New Anti-Bullying Policy for Schools

No bully zone Fried says new law has good intent, but is 'very complex' and districts will 'struggle to comply.'

The New Jersey anti-bullying law, passed overwhelmingly by the legislature in January, is seen as the toughest in the country.

The bill gained momentum following the suicide of Rutgers student Tyler Clementi, who jumped to his death off the George Washington Bridge after his roommate allegedly filmed a romantic encounter between Clementi and another man without their knowledge and streamed it on the Internet.  Continue reading Patch.

September 09, 2011

9/11 education: How should terrorism event be taught in schools?

9  11 When Jill McCracken taught her Holmdel High School seniors about the anthrax panic that swept the  nation following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, she could sense their confusion.

“They kind of squinted and said, ‘Oh … that’s why I couldn’t go get the mail.’ … It put their whole life in context,” McCracken recalled.

Ten years after the attacks, educators now are faced with a generation of students who were elementary school age or younger when they occurred. The very youngest of those students hadn’t even been born.  Continue reading Daily Record.

September 08, 2011

Teens and Sleep

Alarm Clock Sleep is food for the brain. During sleep, important body functions and brain activity occur. Skipping sleep can be harmful — even deadly, particularly if you are behind the wheel. You can look bad, you may feel moody, and you perform poorly. Sleepiness can make it hard to get along with your family and friends and hurt your scores on school exams, on the court or on the field. Remember: A brain that is hungry for sleep will get it, even when you don’t expect it. For example, drowsiness and falling asleep at the wheel cause more than 100,000 car crashes every year. When you do not get enough sleep, you are more likely to have an accident, injury and/or illness.  Continue Reading National Sleep Foundation.

September 06, 2011

TEEN DRUG ABUSE - There is Help Available!

Drugs drag you down Many families have overcome the plague of excessive teen drug abuse in their home. When their children have successfully completed treatment they become focused in their academics again, and often go on to attend college which would have been otherwise impossible the way things were going. Sobriety will bring the passion back into your child's life, and help them to achieve the goals that are important to them. Treatment will also give your child all the tools and support they need to live a life free of drug dependence and addiction.  Continue reading Inspirationsyouth.com.

September 01, 2011

Important Phone Numbers that can "Make a Difference"

Rescue vehicles Montville Township Police Department "Non-Emergency:"  (973) 257-4300

Emergencies Only, Police, Fire & Ambulance: 9-1 -1

Community Services:  2-1-1

Information:  4-1-1

Poison Control: (800) 222-1222

JCP&L - (Electric Non-Emergency):  888-544-4877

NJ Natural Gas (Non-Emergency):  800-GAS-LEAK

"Call Before You Dig:"  8-1-1