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5 posts from March 2011

March 27, 2011

Bader Farm, A Montville Township Tradition

Bella Goldie Bader came to Montville Township in 1907 and since then, generations of Baders Bader have  tended to the family's farm at 290 Changebridge Road.

    A mostly commercial and residential area, this part of Pine Brook may seem a strange location for a farm, but the area was once a thriving agricultural community.  While the other farms have been developed over, Bader Farm remains. It is now run by Bella's great-grandson, Ivan, his wife Jean, and their two sons, Sean and Ian.

"I'm a dying breed, the Last of the Mohicans," noted Ivan, with some humor.

  More seriously, he called it "wonderful" and an "honor" to keep up the family's tradition, which started in 1892 in Roseland. "I'd like to see the farm stay here after me and forever," said Ivan.

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March 26, 2011

At Lazar, Carr has the top spot

It was a bright moment in the night recently when Sharon Carr, the acting principal of Robert R. Lazar Principal Middle School in Montville, was appointed to the position permanently by a unanimous vote by the Board of Education. 

The announcement was made by Dr. Paul Fried, superintendent of schools, at the Board of Education meeting on March 15.

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March 14, 2011

Judge Davenport Under Investigation

Attorneys for Montville Township have revealed that former Judge Seth Davenport is under  Seth investigation by the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct (ACJC) in connection with his representation of former Mayor John Rosellini and conduct as Montville Municipal Court Judge.   (Download Defendants seek to bar Davenport testimony)

Davenport is expected to invoke his 5th Amendment right against self incrimination in an upcoming civil trial in which evidence that he committed perjury will likely be presented.

The possible decisions by the ACJC are dismissal, private reprimand or admonition or caution, or presentment to the Supreme Court recommending public reprimand, censure, suspension, or the institution of removal proceedings.

UPDATE:  Judge Davenport Formally Charged With Ethics Violations.

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March 11, 2011

"Friday Funnies"

 Friday funnies - cat picture 

March 06, 2011

Shop+Local PTO Fundraising

Montville chamber of commerce 
Whether you are going out to eat, buying flowers, maintaining your car, trying to keep your health and fitness New Year's resolutions, or keeping your pets free of fleas (just to name a few reasons we shop!), please consider patronizing one of the 22 local businesses that are participating in the "SHOP + LOCAL = $ FOR SCHOOLS" program.

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