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4 posts from September 2010

September 30, 2010

Montville Chamber of Commerce Partnering with School District

The Montville Chamber of Commerce and some of the town’s Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTOs) have partnered this school year for a "soft fundraiser" that will benefit local businesses as well as school children.

Chamber of Commerce members stand to benefit by having their businesses promoted and frequented more often. The Parent-Teacher Organizations, which play a critical role in supporting Montville’s schools, are eager to raise additional funds for programs and supplies because the school district budget was significantly cut including loss of all state aid and cuts imposed by the township committee after the school budget failed in April.

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September 24, 2010

Friday Editorial: Save the Planet: Shop Walmart

Save the Planet: Shop Walmart is an editorial posted by Walter Russell Mead Posted In: American History, Economic, Global Warming.

Original walmart Shifting my main base of operations from the stately Mead manor in Queens to the rustic Mead hideaway in the rolling hunt country of Duchess County involves a lot of shopping; fortunately for me there is a Walmart just a few miles away.

At the risk of forfeiting any remaining elite cred I may have, let me confess: I love Walmart.  For years, every time I traveled outside New York, I descended on Walmart stores across the country. Everything in those stores is significantly cheaper than in the hoity-toity New York department stores that want me to pay $9 and up for a “designer” undershirt.  For the price of a pair of socks in New York I can get three pairs at the average Walmart.

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September 12, 2010

Pathways for Exceptional Children

Pathways logo Pathways for Exceptional Children is a statewide organization based out of Montville Township, NJ. Pathways is devoted to our local community, but also places great priority on training communities throughout the state of New Jersey in our philosophy of the pyramid, which utilizes our Children Teaching Children Model within a continuum of programs for children starting at age 3 to adulthood. Their unique model has been recognized by many as the spirit of reform and acceptance that can redefine the future for people with disabilities.

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September 08, 2010

Tips on Backpacks from Dr. Michael Duddy

Kids with backpacks As the fall rolls in and school has begun, the cavalcade of backpacks becomes the renewed topic of discussion between children, parents and educators alike. Many junior high and middle school students are being asked to take text books home each night that make their back packs look bigger than the students, and in some instances, they are!

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