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4 posts from June 2010

June 23, 2010

HTC Droid Incredible on Verizon: The Death of iPhone Envy

Envy By Dennis Kornbluh

Dennis Kornbluh, author of "HTC Droid Incredible on Verizon: The Death of iPhone Envy" is co-founder of OurMontville.com.

Since the Apple iPhone came out in 2007, I have envied it from afar. I was disappointed that it was only available on the AT&T network, which, from personal observation, doesn't serve Lincoln nearly as effectively as the Verizon network. In addition, considering the free Verizon-to-Verizon calls, the "Friends and Family" plan (choose ten numbers you can call for free), and my two year sentence, er, contract, it didn't make dollars and sense to switch. So I restrained my impulse to jump on the iPhone bandwagon.

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June 18, 2010

Friday Energy Independence (rated R)

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon - Thurs 11p / 10c
An Energy-Independent Future
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June 17, 2010

Please Support United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 10-01

Uscgaux OurMontville.com is pleased to support the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Air station lincoln park Flotilla 10-01.  Those who support their mission are encouraged to do so as well. 

Download USCG.

June 15, 2010

Standard & Poor’s retains its AAA rating of the Township of Montville

June 4, 2010-Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services assigned its ‘AAA’ long-term rating, and stable outlook, to the Township of Montville, NJ’s series 2010 general obligation (GO) refunding bonds and affirmed its ‘AAA’ long-term rating and underlying rating (SPUR), with a stable outlook, on the Township’s existing GO debt.

The rating reflects the Township’s
·    Mature, primarily built-out and residential community with access to the deep and diverse labor markets of New York City and northern New Jersey
·    Strong property tax base supported by high wealth and income levels
·    Solid financial performance with good reserves
·    Low debt burden and aggressive amortization schedule

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