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4 posts from March 2010

March 26, 2010

In Our Schools: Montville teacher publishes children's books to get kids moving

Saunders Montville physical education teacher Len Saunders has encouraged children around the world to exercise at least once a year for more than 20 years.  His 21-year-old Project ACES, All Children Exercise Simultaneously, program is an annual event that gets more than a million children around the globe running, jumping and dancing every May.

Saunders, 49, of Old Bridge, has now published two children's books that he hopes will keep children ages 2 to 7 moving all year long. Children today spend so much time doing sedentary activities, such as watching television and playing video games, that Saunders wanted to combine reading and exercise.

"I just want to motivate kids to exercise and I'm trying to find creative ways to do that," said Saunders, who has taught physical education at Montville's Valley View School for 25 years.

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Friday Inspiration


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March 25, 2010

The Cartel - Corruption in Public Schools

www.TheCartelMovie.com ‘The Cartel’ keeps winning and rightly so

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March 21, 2010

Appreciation for Montville Fire and Police

Montville fire, police there to help

Police_fire_1209754820396 To the Editor:

The March 13 storm blew a giant pine tree down on our house taking electric wires with it. Live wires lay arching on our porch roof for 18 hours until Jersey Central Power & Light arrived.

During those long, terrifying hours, the heroic firefighters of the Pine Brook Fire Department were our angels watching over our house until they knew we were out of danger. I especially want to thank Assistant Chief Jim Schmitt, Rocky Trifari and Don Welter for staying all night into Sunday. Thank you to all the firefighters who responded to our need. Thank you also to Montville police for watching our house while it was without power and empty. We really are blessed to live in a town with such brave and competent professionals who responded without hesitation.

BARBARA GANLEY,  Pine Brook    See Daily Record