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September 08, 2009

Friday Editorial - The Growing Need for Nuclear Energy

Nuclear The energy debates continue to rage inside the beltway. Experts regularly weigh in with conflicting reports on the benefits and pitfalls of oil, coal, wind, and other energy sources. Yet, we already have an energy source so powerful that it is able to meet bulk-energy demands. We have abundant reserves of it, and minimal land is required to support it. Moreover, this energy source meets our needs without emissions of potentially harmful pollutants (like sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides), and particulate matter, and without emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Indeed, we can meet much of America's growing energy needs with a reliable, affordable, low-emission energy source. That source is nuclear energy.

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September 02, 2009

Judge Davenport accused of malpractice in Rosellini default

Montville municipal court judge Seth Davenport has been named in a lawsuit alleging legal PICT0031 malpractice and fraud (Download Davenport). The suit was filed by Dolores Kennedy in connection with a $250,000 mortgage she made in 2005 to former Mayor John Rosellini on his building at 323 Changebridge Road.  Rosellini defaulted on that mortgage along with the first and third mortgages (Download Rosellini liens).

Kennedy claims that Davenport, then her attorney, failed to obtain the necessary title work that would have revealed that she did not have a first mortgage as she claims she was led to believe. 

Davenport notarized Rosellini's signature on the $625,000 first mortgage with Lakeland Bank in October 2002 (Download Notary).

According to Rosellini's sworn deposition (Download Rosellini dep), Davenport had served as his personal attorney since at least April 2002, doing family estate litigation, matters involving Rosellini's failed attempt to lease to the building to Learning Experience, a child care center, and even handling the closing when Rosellini bought the building.

Rosellini voted to appoint Davenport as municipal judge beginning in 2003.

As a real estate developer Seth Davenport has also been a partner in Olde Towne Properties, which is seeking to expand the retail center in the Towaco Center and build residential units on a second floor.  Concerns about the sole source aquifer, additional traffic and pollution, and resident opposition have plagued the project.

Update: Davenport threatens to sue website   See Daily Record.

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