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7 posts from August 2007

August 24, 2007

Friday High Heels of Fire

20070820germanstilettorace01 The Germans never cease finding ways to amuse themselves.

Or us, for that matter.

August 18, 2007

Weekend Dog Tricks

TYPE IN a command under the dog and see what happens....Sit, roll over, down, sDog_trick_2tand, sing, dance, shake, fetch, play dead, etc., and.....it's also very cute if you type in a command that's not recognized..!!

Make sure you type in "Kiss", too, but do it last!!!   Click here.

Hat tip Marcia L.

August 17, 2007

Friday Battle at Kruger

Hat tip Tony Speciale

August 10, 2007

Friday Now I've Heard It All

If there's still any doubt whether the pampering of pets is getting out of hand, the debate should be Busweek settled once and for all by Neuticles, a patented testicular implant that sells for up to $919 a pair. The idea, says inventor Gregg A. Miller, is to "let people restore their pets to anatomical preciseness" after neutering, thereby allowing them to retain their natural look and self-esteem. "Neutering is creepy. But with Neuticles, it's like nothing has changed." Nothing, except there's a fake body part where a real one used to be.   See BusinessWeek.

August 09, 2007

There's Always Time to Play!

Playlink Montville's Recreation Department hosts an amazing variety of programs, trips, educational seminars and, of course, fantastic youth and adult sports programs.

Click here to learn more!

August 03, 2007

Friday Finger Picking Good!

A powerful solo performance on 12-string acoustic, by John Butler of Perth, Australia.

August 01, 2007

Cash Back Shopping with Mr. Rebates

Mr. Rebates